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The Possibilities In June ❤️

The much needed push of life has been given to all. And I'm sure you have experienced the changes, that were necessary to reshape your life.

Everyone has had a different experience, over the past 8 week spiritual renewal cycle.

At this point you may have noticed how you think differently to what you did just a few months ago,

Or your life may have gone through a complete cleanse and you have made some fantastic new decisions (now that your mind blindfold has fallen off!!

Whatever you have experienced, remember always that these enhancements are gifts from Spirit 🤍

Now what...

The human mind always loves a fact 😂

The persona wants to know will everything be ok? Have I made the right decisions? Is there something else I need to know?

(Does that sound like your thoughts 😁

Let's look at firstly, the advice for the people that have made great changes, either career, relationships, health and rebalancing life...

The next part is responsibility. You know what you been asked to do! - you can feel it, you can see it!

But to achieve the end result in which you hope for, you must keep applying the effort.

For the risk is, if you don't keep forging ahead with the new plans - (for at this stage, we are only at foundation level) there is a chance that fear will creep in and will make you feel that you have made a mistake.

If you place all of your strength into this project of your life now, this will take you to the next chapter where you will then see & feel - the creation of your dream life!

Keep going!!

And for those who are continuing to 'dig their heels in', and show resistance to change - please don't!

Truthfully if you weren't loved from your Spirit love ones, you wouldn't have been shown these new possibilities in the first place - all they want always, is for you to have the best life!

So if your still hanging on to thoughts & emotions that effect your everyday life, please keep working towards softening these irritants.

If you know you still need to make that physical change - a relationship, your career, your health or a reevaluation of your purpose - then make these moves now, whilst this energy cycle is giving you all the help that you need!

As well as experiencing a shift in consciousness, we have also been gifted an emotional uplift.

If you have been tearful lately, that's Heaven's help of shifting those suppressed feelings that are blocking the beautiful light of life!

We also have a full moon this weekend!

Another extra help in clearing & cleansing, as well as the opportunity to manifest the new!

So today, whilst the energy of the full moon is still with us, write down your new wishes for the 6 months ahead.

Manifestation will always work when you BELIEVE it to be true!

And for the rest of this month,

This is your chance to keep reshaping every part of your life.

It requires consistency, it demands your heart, but in return you will receive a life that you love ❤️

In the words of wisdom from God, Angels, Spirit and All That Is,

"This is your moment to know more of who you really are, and what you truly deserve, in this complex but beautiful, Game Of Life "

Asha ♥️ xxxxxx

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1 Comment

Arlene Maclean
Arlene Maclean
Jun 05, 2023

So true Asha just reminded me.about what we spoke about. Thankyou

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