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You Can Do It!! 🧡

It's an energy cycle of great change, and we are all part of it!

A time of pushing through what Spirit are guiding you towards - to live fuller!

We are all the same, but individually different. And at this pivotal moment of life development, we are being asked to let go of what restricts our true freedom.

You may be needing to work on your emotions, if you are still dealing with any hurt that's occurred in your life,

Or you be prompted to change your thinking?

Do you pause before you;- speak, judge or react?

Maybe it's a bit of everything- what is the physical part of your life that needs adjusted?

Little personal story to give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual help that's here,

Only yesterday morning, whilst sat in my other business, I raised my hand to God (it's a thing that I always do)

And I said, God I've had enough of this non stop working life can you send someone to help me

Within a hour, 2 girls walked in together looking for work!!! And in that moment, a multitude of thoughts raced through my mind,

this probably won't work!

It will no doubt create extra work for me with training, etc etc.

once we had our conversation, I knew this encounter was truly a gift (or I like to call them miracles!

But once they had left with their starting dates of next week, my thoughts started racing again - this time 'what will I do to fill the void'

For the reason when we make changes from the old to the new, no matter what your change is - there will always be that transition period of familiar to uncertainty.

In that 1 minute period, I thought of many new business possibilities (for business has been my whole life - and the hospitality side of my life has been a 30 year journey,

Then...another little internal conversation with myself to myself, asking what was all this inside chaos I was causing and the answer appeared from the Light -

We feel like we are losing our identity when we create a shift, which also comes with a spark of sadness. We observe the past moments of those chapters of life and realise it needs to come to a close. As the world evolves, us as Spirit beings are asked to rise in collaboration with the Universe - which means who we once were, will no longer fit into the chapters ahead.

It doesn't always feel great letting go,

And after a discussion with my family last night - I explained the sadness of stepping back, the mixed thoughts of what to do next, the memories of 30 years starting this journey with mum, dad & brother - who all live in Heaven now

And then,

I looked at me.

I considered myself and all that I wish for.

In a life that holds no guaranteed years for any of us, I asked Asha,

What do YOU really want to do & most importantly feel like in the life ahead,

And my heart answered,

Peace & Joy 💖

And although I have a beautiful, blessed life - my crazy working hours where restricting my true fulfilment.

And as I slowly step back from the familiar,

I look ahead to the unknown, which is filled with my true dreams.

A vision of continuing my charity, a dedication to Spirit and making sure my purpose is the most important thing of all.

Keep releasing, work in tandem with your instructions from Spirit and create a life that makes you want to jump out of bed everyday and shout;-

Let's give this day my best shot!!!

Much love

Asha 💕❤️ xxxxxxxxx

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