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Who’s Mucking Up The Movie!!!


It's one big movie.

Many actors will play their parts in the film of your life, and you will have the leading role!!

Pause for a moment and consider your life like this. From a higher perspective view, observe what is happening right now...

A 'plot twist' is appearing in the scenes of many!

You may be looking at your life right now, and questioning is this actually for real...

The situations that you are observing,

What you are experiencing,

And the extra sensitivity to your emotions, and to others - as all of this plays out,

Everyone will have a different lesson aswell as a challenge that is appearing right now, it all stems back to the aspect of your Soul that requires growth.

Be patient with yourself, and know all of this will soon pass - there are brighter days in store for everyone!

Use this time wisely for the development of your Soul and keep asking yourself the Spiritual Why!!

Try your best not to look at your current situation with a tunnelled human view - for you will only encounter pain, trauma, distress, anxiety and every other possible negative emotion you can think of!!

Instead see this energy cycle as a time of unlimited possibilities all working in the FAVOUR of you

I know it doesn't always feel like life is working in your advantage when you come up towards any form of suffering - but everything is Divinely created for the enhancement of your Soul Life.

Micro analyse it all!

Only when you dig deeper, you will have a clearer understanding of the spiritual gifts that are being given.

Trust always in the process of becoming who you are meant to be in your Soul Light.

Keep loving life and know that April will be the month that 'you turn a enhanced corner!!!

All my love

Asha ♥️ xxxxx

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Just what I was needing to hear today, thank you, as always ❤️


Yasmeen Westwood
Yasmeen Westwood

Thank you for this ...makes so much sense as to what is going on just now. Weirdly enough, Arran is always telling me that this is not real life but that we are in a I guess he knows at 6 years old that which I am understanding now! xxx


Asha this is so helpful April would be gd to look forward to x

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