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About Me.

Everyone is born with the ability to connect with spirit.  As we grow, it is conditioned out by the world around us.  I recall specific experiences as a child, but growing up, I learned that there was no such thing as ghosts, and so my abilities to connect with spirit were, for a long time, locked away.  It didn't discourage my lifelong interest in the psychic abilities of others, and I took every opportunity to visit mediums and attend shows.  I just didn't believe that it was a capability I was blessed with.

Although I didn't realise what a blessing it would be at the time, in 2014 I experienced a health scare that caused me to rethink my values.  A visit to a Reiki practitioner opened my eyes to the realisation that there are greater achievements in life than the accumulation of material goods.  I embarked upon my spiritual journey by studying and mastering the art of Reiki.  From there, I continued my studies to become a Reiki Master, Angel Therapist and spiritual teacher.

Gradually I unlearned everything I had been taught as a child, and as my studies progressed, I eventually discovered, in late 2014, that I could communicate with spirit.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to developing this special ability.  I'm immensely proud to be able to use my skills to bring comfort and pleasure to others by connecting them with their loved ones in spirit, and to be able to help others on their own spiritual development journey.

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