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Spiritual guidance and teaching to help you create the life you deserve.

Join my Spiritual Community

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A supportive community and daily messages from me to help with your spiritual development.

Spiritual Healing & Past Life Regression

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Mind, body and soul healing (45 mins) and past life regression (75 mins).  In person sessions only.

Spiritual Readings and Coaching

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35 minutes sessions delivering messages from spirit, or one hour sessions for targeted guidance.

Hand Fastening & Baby Naming Ceremonies

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For significant life events, I can help you to create magical and memorable experiences.

Spiritual Reading Gift Cards

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Whatever the occasion, a comforting message from loved ones in spirit is a special gift.

Funeral Celebrant & Blessings of the Soul

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Helping the soul transition to the spiritual world, and designing memorable celebrations of life.

A community on your smartphone.

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I use the Wix Spaces app to deliver my daily guidance straight to your smartphone. 


Turn on your notifications, and never miss an update.  Engage with the community in the forum and support each other on your spiritual journeys.

To get involved, download the app from the App Store or Google Play, log in to the Wix Spaces, and join my Wix Space using the invite code VVTHKF

Spiritual Healing Courses

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Are you being called or guided to embark on your own journey of Spiritual Healing?  I offer a range of tailored courses from beginner to intermediate level.

Contact me to arrange a free consultancy session where I can work with you to create a course structure that will help you to achieve your goals.


She is so devoted to what she does.  So kind, caring, humble and genuine.  I had a reading today.  It was amazing.  I now have hope for a better future all because of Asha.  She is truly the number one psychic.  Can't wait for my next reading.  thanks Asha.  You really are special.


- June Barrie

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