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Time to be the stronger part of you ❤️

Buddhists speak often about the impermanence of life - nothing stays the same for any longer than it should - everything has a spiritual expiry date.

But on Earth, humans have a habit of holding on.

Holding on to jobs longer than they should, relationships that have broken down and allowing themselves to be trapped in the emotion of pain

Pain is that horrid emotion that impacts every area of life. It creates a different version of the persona.

We've all been there and wore the mask and vouched that everything was ok - but nothing could hide the feelings that were affecting your everyday life - the swirling in your belly, the tightness in your chest and the fake smile upon your face. The physical results of pain.

But why would we hold onto an emotion that effects our everyday living when we know that we can change that feeling anytime we want?

And the answer is that we don't always realise that we have another option!!

People will come into our lives in a human form, although sent by Spirit and they will offer the best advice. We will always choose what we wish to listen to depending on the scale of pain that we are going through - the Divine message can fall on deaf ears!

So what's our option?

How do we discover our journey to freedom?

When you were born, deep within your Soul you were spiritually gifted a beautiful aspect of your True Self - that gift was given the name of strength!

And even as you read that last paragraph, you may have been quick to toss that piece of advice to the side - your personality has a great way of overruling your heart, and may already be telling you...

'Been there & done that' or

'I don't have any strength to give'

None of those head responses are ever true

For the key to finding your strength, is that you need to want to!

So badly enough that nothing else matters apart from finding your place of contentment!

The 2nd part that follows determination is consistency!

Making that pact with yourself on a Monday won't turn your life fully around by Tuesday! You need to keep at it

There will be hard days, there will be times when you just simply don't want to...

But you have this very simple choice of life - do you want to be happy or unhappy?

This week the energetic opening that we have been beautifully gifted from Heaven, is an opportunity to 'remove what bears weight'

This may be simple tweaks to your personality, or this may require great strength!

There is something for us all!

Place your hands over your heart, left hand first, then right and wholeheartedly tell yourself,

I am deserving of the best life - what you tell yourself becomes real when you believe it to be true

Let's turn the darkened spots of weakness into something bright & new!!

Asha 💕♥️

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Just reading this Asha so needed to hear this today. You sure truly Amazing ❤

Asha Martin
Asha Martin
Feb 02, 2023
Replying to

Just as amazing as you 💕♥️ have a wee watch of the short video I put on Facebook & Instagram yesterday that will help also xxxxxxx


Thank you ❤️❤️


Brilliant Asha thank you

Asha Martin
Asha Martin
Jan 22, 2023
Replying to

Your welcome 💖💖💖


Wow Asha thank you, just what I needed to hear so often it’s one step forward 2 steps back but it’s the strength and consistency that keeps life and happiness progressing

Asha Martin
Asha Martin
Jan 22, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much 💕💕💕

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