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Rounding Up November 💗

As this month draws to a close, today is a great opportunity to reflect on the lessons of this month, for all challenges & opportunities are great spiritual teachings.

A month of great personal development, as Spirit have shown you many times how your personality often gets in the way of creating a better life

Your persona is the character in which you play in life. You never want to lose it completely, as you would lose your identity, but the goal is to always blend the personality with the Soul.

A head & heart collaboration creates the perfect you, the happy you, the non resistant self who perceives all things in life differently. It's a life long learning, as we will always be spiritually tested - but by harmonising the reactions of the head, your life will always have peace

Everyone has levelled up in November.

We are all thinking differently, the energy in which we carry towards certain situations has lightened.

At this stage we are still working through what Spirit call the changeover period, releasing the old and moving into the new.

And with every changing cycle, our bodies feel the changes too.

You may have been struggling with tiredness, foggy head ness, and craving heavy foods.

It will soon pass as you step into the next version of yourself.

As we prepare for December, your intuition will continue to be at its best.

Do not ignore what you are being directed to do, for the guidance of Spirit is always sent to your intuition inbox!!

Keep moving forward!

Be persistent in going for what makes you happy!

This is your time to be more of the real you

The YOU that has the power to always take a Soul approach to life!

Let's step forward together!

Asha 🥰❤️xxxxx

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