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Moving towards peace šŸ¤

February it's only days away from closure, and what a month it has been!

A month, where you have been asked to apply yourself to the best of your abilities, and continually learn from the parts of your reactive nature that do nothing to assist you!

It's what Spirit call a month of the personality, where 'tests' have showed up again & again...

Consider what this means to you.

Ponder over what has tried to grab your negative attention. It may have been a huge painful challenge that has occurred over the past few weeks, or a series or little hurdles...

But each happening, is the opportunity to grow another part of your Soul.

Which all depends on you.

Do you choose to look at the events of your life reactively or proactively?

For the Soul choices that you make now, will be either your enhancement or stagnation for the month of March.

Don't get stuck in your own ways!

Rigid beliefs will never allow you to reach your happy end goals

It can be difficult to move away from a perspective that suits your current mood,

But you must always remember the Light of Spirit is always available to everyone to show you a different way.

All that's asked of you is that you let go of the thoughts that create pain, and each time one reappears, you allow it to float on by.

For it only grows when you give your attention to it.

And ask for Divine Help!!

This human life is way too complicated to go it alone.

And when you do send your request to Spirit, let the solution come to you - don't become impatient and try to control what you want & need to know

For Spirit will always know you & your journey more than you think you know yourself!!


Moving away from the heat of the personality in February, we will all be ready to embrace a month of Heart.

What this means is that you will feel more connected to your true self (Soul) and the triggers of life won't feel as such as a harassment.

It doesn't mean that they will have gone away, they just won't impact you as much.

Which means!!!

More chances to grow, grow, grow!!

The more you change, the wiser you become, the happier you will be!

Each month as well as everyday is another fresh start. Whatever is hindering you in this very stage of your life, take notes and make a promise to yourself, that in this incoming new month, you will give these feelings of unrest 'Your All'

Only then, you will journey on in a blissfulness of peace, and we all know you can't put a price on peace!!!

Time to allow the Light to banish the Darkness

Hope my little blog helps

Asha šŸ„°šŸ„°šŸ„°

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