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Finding your peace ๐Ÿ’œ

You were born into this world in a state of peace - yes, you may have cried your lungs out, but your heart was beating in natural harmony.

Then you started to grow up...

Layers built up over your heart and you were no longer able to listen to your Spirit within.

The outside world became a big distraction, it gave you so many things that you felt you needed to do

You encountered many painful moments, and as each one hit your heart, you slowly began to forget that the Spirit within held a completely different understanding to the life obstacles that were blocking your happiness

And bit by bit, as each year tells you that you've reached another age, another part of your wisdom grows

The wisdom that has always been there and was abundant in day one of life, and slowly you start to realise that this life isn't as painful as you thought

From the words of Spirit

Love Asha โค๏ธ xxx

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